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Enhance your collection with our exclusive wholesale offering of Druzy Agate Points, priced competitively at $95 per kilogram. These captivating pieces, known for their sparkling, crystalline surfaces, originate from the finest agate deposits, embodying both beauty and the grounding energies of agate. Our Druzy Agate Points are available in a range of sizes, from the petite yet potent 5cm pieces weighing around 100g to the more substantial 20cm points that can weigh up to 2kg.

Each Druzy Agate Point has been carefully selected to ensure a diverse and vibrant selection, making them perfect for retailers looking to enchant their customers with something truly special. Whether for use in crystal healing, as mesmerizing home decor, or as unique gifts, these Druzy Agate Points bring a touch of natural elegance and energy to any space. Offering these exquisite pieces in your store will surely attract those seeking to add a sparkle of magic to their lives. Invest in bulk and provide your customers with the stunning beauty of Druzy Agate, all at an exceptional wholesale price.