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Elevate your inventory with our wholesale collection of Amethyst Caves, hand-selected and intuitively chosen to ensure each piece resonates with quality and energy. Sourced from the renowned mines of Uruguay, these amethyst caves are not only stunning but also embody the tranquil and healing essence of amethyst crystal. With a beautifully cut base for effortless display, each cave ranges in size from 7cm to 17cm and varies in weight from 300g to a substantial 2.5kg.

Our collection is ideal for retailers seeking to offer their customers unique, high-vibrational pieces for meditation spaces, home décor, or thoughtful gifts. Buying in bulk from our selection allows you to acquire these enchanting pieces at wholesale prices, ensuring that you have a captivating and diverse range to meet your customers' needs and preferences. Add a touch of Uruguayan mystique to your offerings with these exquisite amethyst caves.